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 It's getting to that time of year again, The TV adds are being screened vying for our hearts and money, wanting us to spend our hard earned in their stores and on their products.

 Yes! it's the countdown to Christmas with all the excitement it brings to our youngsters and young at heart. some of us will see our savings shrink and others see the credit card expand. Anyway it's a time of celebration and time to enjoy seeing the pleasure in others eyes at the atmosphere and wonderful gifts that exchange hands. We can have our dinner parties and relax in the company of our friends and family.

 Remember though, a lot of sites are open over the festive period and a lot of campers would prefer and will be on site at this joyous time of year, it is after all a peak period.

 Remember that any groups within the DA are invited to make their contribution to the site, and individuals wishing to sell or post for a wanted item on the site can do so by contacting me with the details.

 I hope to update again before the holiday period and maybe spruce the front page up a bit, so until then happy shopping to all. Ho Ho Ho!

 If you are new to the club or even new to camping or caravanning this is the club for you. We love to give new members to the Glasgow DA a warm welcome into our throng of happy campers. Click here to find out more about what unit camping with the DAs and sections have to offer.

 With the new season, a nice boost to the coffers from the Comonwealth games last year and a new website the DA has lot to look forward to. There are a lot of meets organised by the DAs around the country which gives us a lot of places to choose from for a nice well earned break. It would be good to have more Glasgow DA meets and maybe with more members volunteering as stewards it could be possible. This in turn would generate more revenue for the DA from which we would all benefit. Anyone who feels they would like to contribute some of their time next season to volunteering should inform Cathie our secretary at a meet or by messaging her.


The contact details for the parent club are:

                                  The Camping and Caravanning Club,

                                  Greenfields House,

                                  Westwood Way,


                                  CV4 8JH.

                                  Telephone: 0845 130 7632

                                  or 024 7647 5442